About Graphic Packaging

At Graphic Packaging International, we produce the paper cup that held your coffee this morning, the basket that transported those bottles of craft beer you enjoyed last weekend, and the microwave tray that heated your gourmet meal last night. We’re one of the largest manufacturers of paperboard and paper-based packaging for some of the world’s most recognized brands of food, beverage, foodservice, household, personal care and pet care products.

In Kalamazoo, our Pitcher Street plant on the city’s North side has been in operation for more than 100 years, employing generations of area residents. As we have grown, so too has the city of Kalamazoo. In 2019, we selected Kalamazoo as the site of our $600 million expansion – which will generate a projected $800 million economic benefit in the area each year and make the city the largest supplier of recycled paperboard in North America. When we are done, we will employ about 650 full-time employees in Kalamazoo.

We greatly value the Kalamazoo community, and are committed to being a responsible partner. We created this platform to provide regular updates and accessible information about our operations and expansion in Kalamazoo.

This blog will be used as a tool for communicating everything from our community involvement, to construction progress, to the work we are doing to work with the city and state regulators to address nuisance odors in the area. As we continue to move forward, our promise to you is that we will continue to work with local leaders and neighbors to address concerns and help build a better Kalamazoo.
For additional information about Graphic Packaging, visit https://www.graphicpkg.com/who-we-are/.