Graphic Packaging Kalamazoo Timeline

A Look at Graphic Packaging’s Kalamazoo Project



          • Graphic Packaging International announces plans to invest $600 million for a strategic investment and provides states with an opportunity to respond to request for proposals for economic support.


          • Graphic Packaging reaches agreement with EGLE to conduct an odor investigation. After reaching agreement on the scope of the study, the odor investigation was initiated in July of 2020 at the request of EGLE.


          • After a competitive bidding process, Graphic Packaging announces its Kalamazoo, Michigan, mill will be the location for the new coated recycled board (CRB) machine. The Company will invest $600 million in the project, and the machine is expected to become the company’s most efficient plant, creating more than 100 new jobs and bringing the total jobs at all Kalamazoo locations to about 650. Kalamazoo was selected due to its talented local workforce, access to raw materials, strong community partnerships and a competitive incentive package and our longstanding history in the city.




          • EGLE approves Graphic Packaging’s original air permit request.
          • Construction work begins on the $600 million project.


          • EGLE approves Graphic Packaging’s Odor Investigation Plan.


          • Odor investigation initiated.


          • Graphic Packaging initiates the use of the Envirosuite H2S monitoring network to regularly track air quality data.
          • The Kalamazoo City Commission approves a $1.6 million tax abatement for the expansion project. The abatement is spread out over 12 years, for an average of $133,333 per year.


          • EGLE holds a Public Hearing to consider Graphic Packaging amended air permit request. A recording is here.


          • GPI submits the RK & Associates study to EGLE for review. The study concludes that Graphic Packaging does not emit nuisance odors. However, the company is committed to taking proactive steps to minimize odors connected to its operations and to work with local and state regulators. To that end, Graphic Packaging commits to submitting a Nuisance Minimization Plan for Odors to EGLE by the end of the year.
          • EGLE approves changes to Graphic Packaging Air Permit. EGLE’s press release is here.


          • Graphic Packaging announces a portion of North Pitcher Street will be temporarily closed to ensure the safety of neighbors, employees, construction workers and construction vendors during the construction phase of its expansion project.
          • Graphic Packaging submits their Q4 2020 Odor Management program update as required by the City of Kalamazoo Commission.
          • Draft Nuisance Minimization Plan is submitted to EGLE.




          • The City’s Odor Taskforce submits its first quarterly report, for 2020 Q4. It can be viewed here. It can also be found here on the City of Kalamazoo’s website.


          • Graphic Packaging begins hiring additional full-time, permanent employees to support the Kalamazoo expansion project.


          • Projected completion of project with production to begin before the end of 2021.